Dr. James T. Suggs.

Cleveland Advocate 6 5 1920

Cleveland Advocate, 5 June 1920.

Tulsa Star 6 5 1920

Tulsa Star, 5 June 1920.

In the 1880 census of Wilson, Wilson County: brickmason Washington Sugg, 51, wife Esther, 38, and children Nicy, 21, Sarena, 17, Cator, 16, Molly, 12, Edmonia, 10, Juda, 5, and James, 3.

On 14 August 1907, James Thomas Suggs of Tuskegee, Alabama, married Fanny Louise Shook of Nashville, Tennessee, in Cleveland, Ohio.

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In the 1910 census of Florence, Lauderdale County, Alabama: physician James Suggs, 30, was a boarder in the household of Joseph and Amandia Rapier on College Street. James was described as married, but his wife was not present.

In the 1920 census of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio: at 2181 East 80th Street, 42 year-old physician James T. Suggs, 42, wife Fannie L., 40, with two roomers, one a pharmacist and the other a teacher.

In the 1930 census of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, at 1054 East 98th Street: doctor Thomas Suggs, 50, and wife Fanny, 49, with niece Alina Frances Rice and sister-in-law Willey M. Shook. Fanny and Willey were teachers. [Sidenote: there were ten families enumerated on sheet 7A with the Suggses. Two were African-American — the Suggses and attorney Hardy Davis and his wife Louise, next door at 1050 East 98th. Their homes were valued at $18,000 and 18,500, respectively, the most expensive on the page.]

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1054 and 1050 East 98th Street, Cleveland, today.

James Thomas Suggs died 20 August 1934 in Cleveland. He is buried in that city’s Lake View cemetery.


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