The Women’s Auxiliary of Saint Mark’s Episcopal.

This folded sheet of paper contains minutes from meetings of Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church’s Women’s Auxiliary.


Wilson N.C. Sept. the 29 1909. The woman Auxilliary was open in a short way by the President Mrs Hill. The pastor & supt. gave an interesting talk. The following members paid monthly dews

Mrs Hill 5 cents for

” Perry 5

” Cherry 15

Miss Winstead 10

” Ward 10

Mrs. I.R.C. Clark 10

” Palmer 10     total of 75 c

” Mitchell

” Norood

” Green

” Taylor

” Jones

The meeting was closed by singing Hymn 672 Bless be the tide Benediction by the pastor.

Wilson N.C. Sept. the 6, 19[09?]  The woman Auxilliary met an St. marks Church

Wilson, N.C.

The Woman’s auxiliary of St. Mark’s church met Sept. Oct. the 6, 1909. Opened by singing hymn 582 prayer by the Supt. there were some very interestings things spoken of the following gave some talk about about the work of the woman auxilliary. Messes Mitchell, Hines, Winstead & Clark. Mrs. Mitchell apointed to intertain the Auxilliary by reading miss Winstead & others a few encurging words.

Mrs Perry 5 fo Oct   tots 20

Mrs. Mamie L. Taylor 15 for three monts

Closed by singing 504 hymn my soul be on thy gaurd. & prayer.


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