Funeral Service for Amanda Alberta Cooper 1899-1985.

In the 1900 census of Brogden township, Wayne County: farmer Jhon W. Aldredge, 48; wife Vissey, 33; and children Zebedde, 20; Lula, 17; Franses, 16; Jhon, 13; Thomas, 12; Mandy, 9; Bula, 7; Corana, 3; Alberta, 1; and Mary, 1 month. [“Alberta Aldridge” was in fact Amanda Alberta Artis. Alberta’s mother, Amanda Aldridge Artis, who died shortly after Alberta’s birth, was both sister to John W. Aldridge and step-mother to Vicey Artis Aldridge, having married her father Adam T. Artis. John and Vicey Aldridge reared Alberta with their children.]

In the 1910 census of Brogden township, Wayne County: farmer John Aldridge Sr., 55; wife Vicy, 46; and children Lula, 25, seamstress; John Jr. 22, retail merchant; Thomas, 20, partner in retail store; Mandy, 18; Caronine, 12; Lizzie, 10; Nora, 8; and granddaughter [sic] Elberta, 11.

James Cooper married Alberta Artis on 18 July 1918 in Kings County, New York.

In the 1920 census of Springhill township, Wilson County: on Brick House and Moore School Road, James Cooper, 33, farmer; wife Alberta, 20; and son Albert Horton, 1.

In the 1930 census of Springhill township, Wilson County: James Cooper, 39, farmer; wife Alberta, 26; and children Elija, 21, Albert, 10, Mollie A., 8, Willard M., 5, Lauzin, 3, Annie M., 7 months; sister Oretter Bailey, 45; and niece Irene Artis, 18.

In the 1940 census of Wilson, Wilson County: James Cooper, 54, farmer; wife Alberta, 40; and children Marilyn, 18, Willard, 15, Laurzene, 13, Annie, 11, George, 9, Alberta, 5, Chester, 3, and Lillie, 1.

James William Cooper died 12 February 1967 at his home at 110 Fourth Street, Wilson. Per his death certificate, he was born 24 July 1887 in Wayne County to George Cooper and Estelle Smith; worked as a foreman for Jas.I. Miller Co.; and was a World War I veteran. Wife Alberta A. Cooper was informant.

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  1. Amanda Alberta Cooper was the sister of my great-grandfather Robert E. Artis. I am just scratching the surface of the Artis side of my family and would love to talk with any of her living children or her sister if she is still living.

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