Snaps, no. 14: Margaret Thompson Renfrow Hinnant.

Margaret Hinnant Renfrow per PPC2008

On 21 October 1877, John Rentfrow, 19, married Margaret Thompson, 16, at Henry Boykin’s in Wilson County.

In the 1880 census of Old Fields township, Wilson County: farmer John Rentfrow, 21, wife Margaret, 19, and Ophilia Whitley, 20.

In the 1900 census of Spring Hill Township, Wilson County: farmer John Rentfrow, 40; wife Maguaret, 37; and children Franklin, 19, John T., 15, Mattie H., 12, Fannie, 10, Clinton, 7, and Oria, 1.

On 15 November 1908, John S. Renfrow, 20, of Spring Hill, son of John and Margaret Renfrow, married Cena Barnes, 19, parents unknown, in Spring Hill township.

In the 1910 census of Spring Hill township, Wilson County: farmer John Rentfrow, 50; wife Margarett, 48; children Clinton, 17, Ora, 11, and Ella, 8; and granddaughter Nancy Earp, 2.

On 21 March 1912, Fannie Renfrow, 21, daughter of John and Margaret Renfrow, married David Pace, 24, son of David and Louisa Pace, in Wayne County.

Clinton Renfrow died 28 March 1917 after an accident with an axe.

On 6 January 1918, Ora Renfrow, 19, daughter of John and Margaritta Renfrow, married W.H. Parker, 24, son of Nancy Parker, in Wilson County.

On 4 January 1920, Ella Renfrow, 18, daughter of John and Margaret Renfrow, married Lumis Robinson, 27, son of W.R. and Susie Robinson, in Old Fields township.

On 18 August 1923, Henderson Hinnant, 60, of Spring Hill township, son of Emmesley and Allie Hinnant, married Margaret Renfrow, 39, of Spring Hill township, daughter of Dock and Harriet Thompson, in Wilson.

In the 1930 census of Spring Hill township, Henderson G. Hinnant, 72; wife Margret A., 65; and children Hubert, 40, and Leona Hinnant, 30.

Henderson Hinnant died 7 August 1938 in Wilson township. Per his death certificate, he was 49 years old, a farmer, married to Margaret Hinnant, and born in Wilson County to Enzly and Carolina Hinnant. Informant was Earnest Hinnant.

In the 1940 census of Wilson, Wilson County: Lumas Robinson, 47, wife Ella, 38; children John Wm., 17, Ratha, 16, E.J., 15, Josephine, 14, Yean, 10, and Ella and Stella, 6; and widowed mother Margret Hinnant, 77.

John Thomas Renfrow died 29 July 1958 in Fairmont, Robeson County. Per his death certificate, he was born 6 April 1940 in Wilson County to John Renfrow and Margaret Thompson and was married. Informant was Mary Renfrow.

Margret Hinnant died 5 May 1947 in Crossroads township. Per her death certificate, she was born 1 March 1884 [actually, about 1861] in Wilson County to Doc Thompson and Harriett Williams and was the widow of Josiah Hinnant. She was buried in New Vester church cemetery. Ella Robinson was informant.

Photograph courtesy of user PPC2008.


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