Ruffin Woodard dies of burns.

Ruffin Woodard fell asleep while smoking, dropped his pipe, and set his clothes afire. Suffering burns on his side, back, and arm, Woodard died within hours.


In the 1900 census of Great Swamp township, Wayne County, N.C.: Ruffin Woodard, 45, fireman on stationary engine; wife Sarah, 30; and son Luther, 7.

In the 1910 census of Wilson, Wilson County: on Stantonsburg Street, Ruffin Woodard, 45, sawmill laborer; wife Sarah, 43; and son Luther, 18.

Ruffin Woodard died 24 February 1919 in Wilson. Per his death certificate, he was 45 years old; was born in Wilson County to Rosa Woodard; was married to Sarah Woodard; lived at 118 Wiggins Street; worked as a wagon driver at a lumber mill; and was buried in Wilson [probably Vick Cemetery.]

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