Sharpsburg Cemetery?

Does anyone know where Sharpsburg’s historic African-American cemetery is?

UPDATE, same day: Found!!


In the 1900 census of Toisnot township, Wilson County: Jordan Cooper, 55, farmer; wife Judy, 35; and children Daisey, 21, Thomas, 16, Thadeous, 11, Willie, 9, Golden, 7, Mary, 6, Elizabeth, 3, and Stella, 1.

On 4 January 1906, Albert Farmer, 21, of Edgecombe County, son of Orrin and Malvina Farmer, married Daisey Cooper, 24, of Edgecombe County, daughter of  Jordan and julia Cooper, at Fenner Gay’s in Edgecombe County.

In the 1910 census of Township #14, Edgecombe County, North Carolina: farmer Albert Farmer, 24; wife Daisie, 28; daughters Luler and Lillie, 3, and Adlona, 9 months; and brother-in-law Willie Cooper, 15.

Daisy Farmer died 22 October 1918 in Toisnot township, Wilson County. Per her death certificate, she was 37 years old; was married; worked at “house duties”; was born in Edgecombe County to Jordan Cooper and Julie Barefoot; and was buried in Sharpsburg Cemetery. Albert Farmer was informant.


  1. Lisa,
    Yes, I do. I have many relatives buried there including my maternal grandparents. It is off from the main highway(301). I will ask relatives who live in Sharpsburg to identify a more precise marker than I can provide.

    1. Well, yes, it would! Typically, the “main” cemetery for a Wilson County town was reserved for whites, but this is clearly an African-American cemetery, and I completely overlooked it. I should know better than to limit my searches for Wilson when looking for Sharpsburg families. This will be a great place to explore next time I’m home. Thanks, Matt!

  2. THANK YOU for posting this Lisa! These are my literal ancestors!!! I am descended from him. He was my 2nd great-grand uncle! He was brothers with my direct ancestor Robert, his line ended up in Mississippi. The furthest I have been able to go back is his father Samuel Cooper and mother Froanie Ann Coley. 🖤

      1. He was officially on the 1900 Census for Sunflower, MS where my grandfather Jessie was born later, but I believe he left in year 1890 because he is not on NC 1890 Census. There is a record of one of his other sons being born in MS in 1892. I always wonder why he left his family and moved there? I wonder if he he saw some kind of advertisement in Edgecombe for farming there because he ends up with a farm there.

      2. There was definitely a small exodus movement to the Mississippi Delta around the same time as much larger movements to Arkansas. The 1890 census for Edgecombe County does not survive, but that decade was the period of heavy migration.

  3. No unfortunately, I do not have a picture of Robert unfortunately, but I have a picture of my grandfather, his great-grandson Jessie Cooper, who was SP’s son. Thank you so much for all the amazing research you have done. I appreciate this blog in so many way!

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