Agents bust bootleggers.

Wilson Daily Times, 22 August 1944.

Until relatively recently, the basic facts being conveyed in newspaper stories could be hard to follow. To the make the scenario here plainer: for reasons unknown, the Alcoholic Beverage Control agents were at Clarence Barnes‘ house when R.N. Bottoms pulled up in his Oak Cab taxi. The agents found 19 gallons of illicit liquor in Barnes’ vehicle and 14 gallons in Bottoms’. By means not clear, Agent Barnes discovered the liquor originated ten miles southeast of Wilson. When the location was searched, ABC found five more gallons of liquor, 30 gallons of beer, and 60-gallon still. 

Wilson Daily Times, 23 August 1944.

Both men pleaded not guilty, claiming they were unaware their cars were packed with ‘shine.

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