Mr. Vick and Mr. Reid.

This remarkable photograph depicts Samuel H. Vick standing on a porch with his friend “Mr. Reid” standing to his side on the ground. There were several Mr. Reids living in Wilson in the 1920s, when this photo appears to have been taken, but the two most closely associated with Vick were veterinarian Elijah L. Reid and his younger brother, school principal/banker J.D. Reid. A comparison with J.D. Reid’s photo suggests this is Elijah and, if so, it is the only photo of him I have seen.

The photo appears to have been taken in Wilson. I initially thought the house was been the one still standing at 505 East Green in which Dr. Reid in the years before his death, but a comparison of the two discloses several non-matching major details.

Special thanks to Anonymous for use of this photo.


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