Lane Street Project: in memory of Catherine McPhail Clark (1871-1944) and Mary Joyce Wellington (1949-1949).

I’ve spoken of the database I am developing of likely burials in Vick, Odd Fellows, and Rountree Cemeteries. My spreadsheet draws upon death certificates, obituaries, and other sources — most distressingly imprecise. The term “Rountree Cemetery” on these documents may refer to Vick, Odd Fellows, or Rountree. Some documents broadly refer only to burial in Wilson. However, in the absence of official burial records for any of the cemeteries, we make do.

This series honors the men, women, and children who never had grave markers, or whose stones have been lost or stolen or destroyed. Graves believed to be in Vick Cemetery, which the City of Wilson stripped of remaining markers in 1996, will be identified with a Vick Cemetery logo.

Dr. Judy Wellington Rashid contributed personal details of the lives of two family members believed buried in Vick Cemetery (and a family chart!) I invite you to do the same.


Catherine Frison McPhail Clark was born 20 February 1871 in Charleston, South Carolina, to David Frison, born about 1840, and Easter Frison, born about 1850. She was married first to Sam McPhail and then to Samuel Clark. She and Sam McPhail had two daughters, one of which was Lottie McPhail Green Cohen. Lottie McPhail married first Henry Green; their children included Cora Ruth Green Wellington Dawson. Dr. Judy Wellington Rashid is among the children of Cora Wellington Dawson.

Cora Wellington Dawson reports that Catherine and Sam Clark owned a horse and a carriage while living on Smith Street in Wilson and attended the Methodist Church on Pender Street. Reportedly, Catherine Clark was a “lady of stature in the community.” As a widow, she lived at 401 Grace Street with daughter Lottie and her four children, including Cora.

Catherine Frison Clark died 9 November 1944 at Mercy Hospital in Wilson. Per her death certificate, she was born 20 February 1875 in Charleston, South Carolina, to David Frison and Easter [last name unknown]; she was a widow; and she lived at 401 Grace Street. She was buried in Rountree cemetery, and Lottie Cohen, 401 Grace, was informant. Clark was neither a member of Rountree Missionary Baptist Church nor an Odd Fellows family, so “Rountree” likely means she was buried in Vick Cemetery.

Mary Joyce Wellington was born in 1949 and died a few hours later. Her father Levi Wellington went with the funeral home directors “to take her to Rountree Cemetery after she was wrapped in a blanket.” Cora Ruth Wellington remained at home since she had just delivered. Records show that she is buried in Rountree Cemetery (more likely than not she was buried in Vick’s Cemetery; she was not a member of Rountree Baptist Church) in Wilson, NC.

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  1. LORD , THANK YOU for memories and grace. AMEEN.

    Thanks be to God for the memories of the life of my Great Grandma Catherine and of my dear sister Mary Joyce.

    I am grateful that my Mom told me these stories of my family that came before me.

    I am because they were. Truth smitten always rises. IT IS SO.

    Thank you, LSP, for helping my family and so many others to reclaim family dignity.

    All deceased is most deserving .

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