Lane Street Project: the Reconsecration of Vick Cemetery, part 1.

I am so FULL. I don’t even know where to start. Just gon and get ready to be sick of me, because this is going to go post after post.

This first post is thanks and acknowledgment.

To Rev. H. Maurice Barnes and Rev. Carlton Best, who answered my call for Reconsecration with a full-throated “yes!,” planned the order of service and called in the faith community to carry out our vision for this day;

To Rev. Debbie Hayes, who hosted planning meetings at Rountree Missionary Baptist Church;

To Bishop Ernestine McGee of Faith Temple United Holy Church for use of the bus that ferried guests from street parking around the corner to the site of the ceremony;

To the ecumenical team of Rev. A. Kim Reives (who led the prayers of Reconsecration), Rev. Dr. Christopher Wyckoff (who gave the benediction), Rev. Jose Daniel Pinell (who delivered Scripture), Rev. Torase L. Barnes, Rev. Carnela R. Hill, Rev. Lindsey Ardrey, Rev. Tim Davis, Rev. Edwin Ferguson, and others whose names I did not catch, who walked the grounds, anointing the earth during Reconsecration;

To Mayor Carlton L. Stevens, who arranged for support from the Parks and Recreation Department, Wilson Police Department, Wilson Energy, and other city employees;

To the Honorable G.K. Butterfield Jr., retired member of Congress, whose incisive remarks at today’s ceremony were a call to action for the City’s leaders;

To Sister Faye Winstead, who stepped in at the very last moment to lead us in song (“We Will Work Till Jesus Comes”);

To City Councilmembers Derrick D. Creech, Gillettia Morgan, Rev. Michael S. Bell, and James Johnson and County Commissioner JoAnne Daniels for their attendance and attention;

To Henrietta Hines McIntosh, for the gift of her memories;

To Jen Kehrer of Scarborough House Resort, who arranged for Odd Fellows Cemetery to be cut back yesterday and who showed up early to help hand out programs and buttons;

To Lane Street Project’s everyday volunteers, who are always there when needed;

To the Wilson Times, for recognizing the importance of Vick Cemetery and affording close coverage of our fight;

To each of you in attendance at this beautiful ceremony, in body or spirit;

And to the ancestors — may you be pleased with our work.


  1. ….and we thank God for you , dear Lisa, for your God given fortitude and vision.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I just wanted to send you good wishes and support in your and the whole group’s work toward the restoration of Vick Cemetery and the dignity of the people resting there. You’ve already done so much in pulling together the ephemeral pieces of Wilson’s past to create such a rich resource in Black Wide Awake — as if in preparation for a greater project — and now the work that you and others are doing in the Lane Street Project is awe-inspiring. It seems as if the larger purpose of this project may be in bringing people together in common cause for this beautiful work. I wish you so much success.

    Rachel Dobson

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