Lane Street Project: “This is how we honor our dead?”

Local journalism, folks, is vital. Wilson Times continues its close coverage of Vick Cemetery with a detailed report of last week’s council meeting, focusing on the comments made by the descendant community, Lane Street Project, and our allies. Today’s paper also includes an editorial calling for the City to heed the call of citizens and work closely with them before moving forward. The piece presents a more optimistic take on the situation than my own, but adds a welcome, and weighty, voice to this conversation.

We demand a say in the future of Vick Cemetery.

Which council member will insist that the City engage with primary stakeholders before considering the City Manager’s recommendations?

Which council member will move to establish an advisory council?

Which council member will demand a full survey map?

Who will demand an independent investigation into the disappearance of Vick’s headstones?


  1. WHAT’S ON THE TABLE: the mounting count of the neglected deceased; the history of the city’s actions and inactions; the present state of the burial grounds with all encroachments. WHAT’S MISSING: an assurance that democracy is at work by adhering to the last 4 lines above. Government by the people and for the people. Plain, simple, fair, decent, deserving, and expected in a democratic society.

  2. Good reporting on a situation that IMO needs to be rectified. I have no vested interest other than that of a genealogist who thinks it’s important that ALL people be accorded “peaceful slumber” and recognized. Sounds like the City of Wilson was in violation of state law on this issue and should make it right.

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