Lane Street Project: calling all faith leaders.

Take the first step with us on the journey to restoring Vick Cemetery to  recognition in the community as a sacred space.

A team of faith leaders is working with Lane Street Project for the Reconsecration of Vick Cemetery. Though we cannot touch every blade of grass in Vick, we want to cover as much of its ground as we can. For this, we need more faith leaders — of every denomination, creed, or color — to walk this walk with us. Your role will be simple, but powerful.

A great moral wrong has been done in the neglect of Vick Cemetery and the stripping of its graves of all identifying markers. Faith leaders, if you believe in dignity after death and the sanctity of human remains, please join other men and women of the cloth in anointing the sacred ground of Vick Cemetery. All, please encourage your pastor, your imam, your rabbi to participate. And please come on the morning of August 5 to honor our mothers and fathers and to bear witness.

For more information, please contact Lisa Y. Henderson at no later than July 27. Thank you.

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