Lane Street Project: even the simplest request goes unfulfilled.

Right after the May 11 public forum, the City of Wilson agreed, at my request, to deposit a copy of New South Associates’ GPR survey with Wilson County Public Library. Here’s Councilmember Gillettia Morgan‘s suggestion, sent via email attachment on May 31:

Has the City followed through with this simple request? 


Today I left at the Local History Room a bound copy of my May 11 PowerPoint slide deck and notes. When the library inquired this morning, a city official said they’d drop off a copy of the GPR report “this week.” 

While we’re here: at the May 11 forum, the Mayor promised transparency and accountability from the City concerning Vick and indicated he wanted to “work together” to address its problems. None of that is happening. The last email I received from Councilmember Morgan is dated May 31. She has not responded to any I have sent since. However, she is ahead of councilmembers Johnson, Liles, Creech, Fyle, Bell, and Evans; the Mayor; the City Manager; the Assistant City Manager; and the Communications Director, who collectively have not responded to or even acknowledged receipt of a single email. (I have spoken with the Mayor by phone concerning the August 5 Vick Cemetery reconsecration. He did not initiate the call.)

I don’t vote in Wilson, and I have to abide by the Hatch Act, but I surely hope citizens will ask hard questions of candidates about their intentions for Vick Cemetery and remember both word and deed at election time.


  1. The City should have created a cemeteries task force with a coordinating director to address these issues by now. Scattershot is no way to handle the public’s stated business. Until responsibilities for study and planning are assigned and oversight is clearly mandated .. how can the public have faith that our concerns will be correctly addressed?

    Please reference all things brought to the City’s attention by Lisa Henderson of Lane Street Project who has been acknowledged by the Mayor as a public liaison for the concerns of Vick Cemetery.

    Please also reference the steadfast complaints and recommendations levied with the City by the most recent former Cemetery Commission Chair Charles P Farris Jr.

    Roscoe Briggs Sherwood
    Lane Street Project Volunteer


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