Lane Street Project: in acknowledgment of allies.

If by “secure” we mean acknowledge, honor, protect, and restore, yes — let’s. Wilson Times editorial cartoon, 23 May 2023.


Let’s take a moment to acknowledge Lane Street Project’s allies, men and women across the Wilson community who have taken vocal public stances on Vick Cemetery and related matters. Vick Cemetery is not just an East Wilson issue. The desecration of public cemeteries spreads a stench across the whole city. Thank you, Charles P. Farris Jr.


  1. I read this entire commentary and wonder if next to the last paragraph is the overall intent of such sentiment.

    1. It’s not the city’s intent. There’s a contentious back story. Many view the Cemetery Commission — a volunteer citizen oversight panel with no real qualifications for joining — as ill-equipped to manage an outfit with a budget in the millions and documented (by city audit) financial and HR irregularities. CC vociferously argued against taking over Vick as Vick does not generate income (the main source of the CC’s budget.) IMO the CC is fine for Vick’s upkeep — ONCE THE CEMETERY HAS BEEN SET TO RIGHTS. CC didn’t desecrate Vick; the City did, and the City has the deep pockets to repair the damage (inasmuch as that’s possible.)

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