1. Adorable picture! So thankful that you share your passion for history and incredible knowledge with the world! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Such a cute picture! I believe we’re related through Della Hines-Barnes I must share how your knowledge has made it possible to tell my children so much more about my dad, their grandfather C. Ray Hines.Your research made it possible to read how my grandfather was an integral part of the city of Wilson along with many others. Through your discovery and your ability to pull all this together has given me the concrete information needed to begin to fit all the bits and pieces of what I like to call a family mosaic. I’ll share more later but for now I also want to thank you for the care and cleanup during the Juneteenth project earlier this month. Also giving tribute to those loved ones without grave markers shows how committed you are to preserving history and giving dignity to all.
    Happy Birthday! You are a blessing.
    Beverly Stevenson.

    1. Hi Beverly! What a pleasure to hear from you! I’m not related to Della Hines Barnes, though Flossie Barnes was a close family friend in my childhood, and my dad was a classmate of Helen Barnes and good friend of John H. Barnes. Your uncle Carl was my elementary school principal, as well. Della Hines Barnes fascinates me — she clearly had a winning formula for rearing sons!

      1. Hi Lisa! Thank you for responding. Even though we’re not related I love knowing your family knew my aunt Flossie and uncle Bill. Unfortunately I don’t recall Helen Barnes and John H. Barnes but the fact your dad knew them is a nice thought. That’s amazing my uncle Carl was your elementary school proncipal! He took wonderful care of his mother as she lived in her home on East Green Street for many years preceding her death. Della Hines Barnes was amazing and the wonderful way she raised her sons must’ve included how to overcome obstacles, keep being persistent and the value of real estate. Establishing a barbershop business in a hotel in Wilson had to have many obstacles to overcome in order to open.
        Thank you for all your research.

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