Lane Street Project: then and now.

We have seen this photograph taken at the funeral of Irma Vick in 1921 in Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Below, as closely as I could estimate it, is an image shot from the same vantage point. Above, Wiley Oates‘ dome-top obelisk is visible above behind the man at left.  Below, it’s at rear left. The headstones of  Viola Vick and Daniel and Fannie Vick are hidden behind the mourners.

Above, a large white marble monument looms above a flat ledger stone or vault cover. Neither can be seen below. The large monument looks much like Henry Tart‘s pyramid-top obelisk, the largest known in Odd Fellows. Below, the top of Tart’s marker is barely visible as it sits on slightly lower ground than the Vick plot. However, Tart’s marker appears to be much further from Irma Vick’s than the marker above. (The lens in my iPhone camera has a wide-angle effect, so objects are closer than they appear below, but I don’t think this accounts for the difference.) Also, the monument above does not seem to show the square abacus (the “shelf” the pyramid rests on) atop the column of Tart’s monument. Also, there is no large ledger stone near Tart’s monument.

As we work to defoliate swaths of Odd Fellows Cemetery, we hope to unearth these and other hidden grave markers.

Photo by Lisa Y. Henderson, May 2023.

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