County urged to remove Confederate monument.

This ought to be easy. Then again, so should doing right by Vick Cemetery.

The bronze plaque — underneath the crossed flags and between the segregated water fountains — reads: To the valor of Wilson County soldiers. Who really believes the United Daughters of the Confederacy intended in 1926 to honor all Wilson County veterans?


  1. Inflammatories notwithstanding ., my incredibly honorable grandmother, her sisters and brothers, her living father and dead mother at the time might have had a position in this that any of us today have a difficult if not impossible time comprehending.

  2. Thanks, Commissioner, for the notion to remove this symbol of long standing divisiveness that I was personally forced to experience growing up in Wilson – but did not understand as a little child- that I was relegated to only one side of this monument – BY LAW- to simply get a drink of water!!

    Laws changed ….Water fountains gone……….monuments that represented the law ……… gone.

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