The estate of Isaac Scarborough, part 2.

Isaac Scarborough died in early 1857, and his estate entered a lengthy probate. The estate file is rich with references to the enslaved people whose lives were upended by his death.

In this post, we examine documents from 1859 through 1863, including hire lists and receipts for medical care.

In 1859, James Reddick Barnes, guardians of Isaac Scarborough’s children, paid Dr. John R. Mercer of Edgecombe County $4.50 “To visit Boy at Pat. Byrum,” i.e. to provide treatment to an enslaved boy (or man, frankly) that Patrick Byrum had hired out. (Byrum hired out Bill in 1858 or 1859.)

Polly Walston, likely a midwife, received two dollars “for Services rendered in attending to negro woman Ginna, January 21st 1861.”

In 1861, Barnes paid J.N. Bynum “to visit medicine &c to little negro boy at G.S. Bergeron’s.”

In November 1862, Barnes paid Edwin Whitley seven dollars for “making coffin for negro.” We do not know who died.

The annual “hiring of Negros” took place on the last day of December 1862. For the first time, Jesse Galloway secured labor, hiring Bill for $72. William Forbes hired David for $75. John Bridgers took Daniel for $100. T.H. Bridgers took Jesse and Ned for $100 a piece and Tony for $50.50. James Parker took Augustin for $35. David Webb took Ashley for $10. Hannah went to Reddin Bridgers for $51; Milly to David Amason for $60. Deamos went to William Web for $21.50. Mary and child went to Fanny Eason for $35. Nancy Scarborough took Chana for $34. Jinna and two children went to B. Crafton for $15. Jane went to William Burriss for $38. Jacob went to George Thigpen for $4. Nancy Scarborough accepted the whopping sum of $540 from the estate to care for Lucy and her three children, Debbie and her four, and Charlotte and her three.

The receipt Nancy Scarborough received for “taking care of” three enslaved women and their children.

Another year, another Heartbreak Day. Nancy Scarborough died during 1863, and the enslaved people under her direct control also became available for hire to generate income for her and Isaac Scarborough’s children. John Harrel took Bill for $72; T.H. Bridgers took David for $150 and Tony for $157. Oran went to Starkey Howard for $125; Daniel, to T.J. Gardner for $175. Jarret Webb leased Ned for $145; J.C. Moore took Augustin for $70. William Webb hired Deamos for $36; Howel went to J.C. Moore for $70; and Mary and child to Polly Gay for $35. Jesse Baker took Hannah for $6; Theophilus Atkinson took Milly for $77 and Jane for $51. Demsey Owens hired Chana and child for $6; S.E. Crisp, Calvin for $2.35; and David Webb, Ashley for $36 and Jesse for $205. Jacob went to John Felton for $1; Austin went to T.J. Moore for $84; Jerry went to Thomas Felton for $3. James L. Eason was paid $600 to care for Lucy and her three children and Debbie and her three. Bennet Crafton was paid $100 to care for Jinna and her two children; C. Crisp received $98 for Rose and her two; Moses Perkins, $75 for Charlotte and one child.

Estate of Isaac Scarborough (1859), North Carolina Estate Files 1663-1979,

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