41 men sent to the Army.

Wilson Daily Times, 28 April 1944.

On a single day, two local draft boards sent 41 African-American men to Fort Bragg’s Army induction center, including several who no longer lived in Wilson County: James Moore Jr., Clifton Hagans, John Daniel Smith, Clarence Virgo Holley, William Howard Jr., Levi Parker, Odies Newsome, Julius Darden, Henry Cornelius Faison, Willie Sylverty Reynolds, Jimmie Lee McCarthey, Percy Mincey, Festus Scarborough, John Wilbert Williams, Othel Hamilton, Creed Junior McCoy, Booker T. Raynor Jr.Frank Rogers Blake (Petersburg, Virginia), David Lee Lane, Alvesta Hilton, Theodore Hooker (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Edward Sharpe, Rillie Speight, Walter Worsley (Suffolk, Virginia), Sylvester Thomas DawsonJohnnie Parker, Benjamin Scott HarrisJohn Henry Allen, Oakie Parker, Ben James Barnes, James D. Etheridge, Grover Finch, Joseph Thomas Rogers (Norfolk, Virginia), Leland D. Speight (Norfolk, Virginia), Charles Henry Pope (Norfolk, Virginia), Willie Bynum (Norfolk, Virginia), Sip Allen (Baltimore, Maryland), Albert Sylvester Gay (Baltimore, Maryland), Arthur Cromartie (Portsmouth, Virginia), Jordan Mercer (Suffolk, Virginia), and Willie Artis (Washington, D.C.)

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