Lane Street Project: Vick Cemetery revealed, part 2.

New South Associates’ Results and Recommendations as set forth in their report, Ground-Penetrating Radar Survey to Prospect for Unmarked Graves in the Vick Cemetery (31WL384):

Below, detail from Grid 9, the northeast corner of the cemetery. The annotations in red are mine. The orange-bordered block is part of the parking lot. There are at least 18 graves beneath it. Note also the graves lying under the concrete sidewalk leading to the central monument, marked in green.

Here’s a Google Maps aerial of the area. Note the utility pole. It’s one of two in Vick Cemetery. (A third stands in Rountree Cemetery.) Utility poles stand in public easements. Assuming these lines belong to Wilson Energy, how did the city overlook the fact that it was planting enormous metal poles through its own cemetery?


  1. Will you ask Council to plan a public presentation of this report where they and the citizenry can comment and offer suggestions for additional protections and memorials .. or shall I ..?

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