“Wake Up, Negro, and Secure Your Position in Tomorrow’s World.”

Though some decades past its peak popularity, Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association still retained a fervent following in the 1940s when Solomon Fitzhue delivered two speeches in Wilson.

Wilson Daily Times, 16 April 1948.

Arkansas native Fitzhue was active in Ohio’s division of U.N.I.A. into the 1960s.

Wilson Daily Times, 24 April 1948.


  1. It was so amazing to see that the UNIA movement was in existence so long. As a child in the 1930’s my grandmother attended meetings in the Wilson, N.C. chapter. I remember being in a program that was held in the building of the 1918 school boycott.

    1. Wow! I found a reference to an UNIA activity in the 1930s. I’ll post it soon. I was wondering if there had been an active chapter in Wilson. The event that you remember — was in the Graded School (Sallie Barbour School) on Stantonsburg Rd or the Independent School building on East Vance?

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