Chillun’s croon.

I’ve written here of Mateo Ruiz Gonzalez, the Colombia-born, Brooklyn-based photographer who found inspiration in Black Wide-Awake during his month-long artist’s residency with Eyes on Main Street. Not long ago, Mateo sent me a copy of a slender volume of photography that emerged from his time in Wilson:

“Chilluns’ Croon investigates themes of the past such as absence, remembrance, spirituality, and mortality of formerly enslaved people of Wilson County, North Carolina. An intimate portrait of an African American community, Chilluns’ Croon hums songs of hope, equality, and change for new generations.”

See here for a recent review of Ruiz Gonzalez’ work.

Reproductions of images copyrighted by Mateo Ruiz Gonzalez.


  1. Walking around Wide Awake viewing these displays have been very insightful and educational. Thanks!

    1. Eyes on Main Street is an artistic treasure and such a boon for Wilson! Its unique residency program is lesser known, but brings photographers from all around the world to Wilson for one-month stays. I am happy and humbled that several have found Black Wide-Awake a valuable resource for understanding the community.

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