1. What a glorious tribute to my Principal at Elvie St. School from 1958-68 !!
    Mr. Daniels really did live out the statement, “he believed in the innate worth of every child”. I was one of those children from Manchester St. , which was a dirt road at that time, and who lived in a 4 room (not 4 bedrooms) wooden house with a tin roof and 5 other siblings. However, Mr. Daniels nurtured what God and my parents had put on the inside of me despite where I lived.

    Beginning in just the 7th grade, I was chosen to work in his office and also was allowed to “tend ” to teachers classes when they had to go to a teacher’s meeting. I had a job in the cafeteria also- during my lunch break -which allowed me to get free lunch which was a tremendous help to my parents. He believed in my abilities which later propelled me to go on and become a teacher, principal, and a University Dean of Students.

    Because Mr. M.M. Daniels was actually all that this article describes … I became. No regrets here…just gratitude for GREAT educators who believed in the power of children becoming. THANK YOU, SIR.

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tribute to Mr Milton Daniels. I attended the Sallie Barbour school beginning in 1948. We were the first classes to transfer to Elvis Street School in 1951.

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