Seeking Granite Point cemetery.

Do you know where Granite Point (or is it Grantie Point) cemetery is?

Detail from death certificate of Henry Joyner, who died 13 June 1944 in Jackson township, Nash County, N.C.

We know Granite Point cemetery was generally in the area of Silver Lake on N.C. Highway 58 just a mile or so from the Nash County line.

These men and women are known to have been buried there: George Bryant (1868-1941), Nathaniel Bryant (1910-1959), Henry Joyner (1866-1944), James A. Joyner (1932-1954), Maggie Joyner (1925-1949), Margaret Joyner (1867-1944), Ruth Joyner (1929-1969), Floyd Rand (1900-1962), and Ernest Winstead (1878-1952).


  1. I know exactly where Granite Point or “Granny Pines as we call it” is located. If you are headed on Hwy 58 from Wilson towards Silver Lake, it is the next road to your left, Thompson Chapel Road. You will go about half a mile, in a curve, and the cemetery sits on the left. There are no markings and trees surround it. You would never know that this is Granite Point, a place where so many special people are buried. I really wish there had been a way to preserve this space but not sure of all the details.
    I am a member of the Winstead family by birth and the names you have listed are my relatives. According to my dad, Roosevelt Winstead, many others, that are not Winsteads are there also. If you were a person without money for a burial, then this is where many decided to go. The land is owned by the Thompson family. I would love to have this posted as a story so we can discover exactly who is out there. I discovered through Ancestry that an Eatmon and a Tabron are there also. I will be happy to help someone find this spot and my dad is willing to assist also and give more details on this place. So happy that you asked.

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