Lane Street Project: Season 3, January 14.

Season 3’s first workday was a success!

Our usual multiracial, multigenerational collection of local volunteers was augmented by a several out-of-town guests, including a large group from AgBiome in Research Triangle Park, invited by LSP committee member Raven S. Farmer!

Looking into Odd Fellows cemetery near the Thomas family plot. Two years ago, there was a solid wall of shrubs, vines, and saplings just beyond Sarah Thomas’ headstone at left. At the beginning of last year, there was an impenetrable tangle of honeysuckle and wisteria in the middle distance. Thanks to all who’ve helped us get this far!

Sincere Wright, his son Israel, Raven S. Farmer, and Briggs Sherwood — ready to receive our guest volunteers!

yesterday morning. 

Clearing last summer’s wisteria growth around Hood Phillips‘ headstone.

Some of yesterday’s volunteers, including the AgBiome crew!

Ready for pick-up!

The next three workdays are January 28, February 11, and February 25!

Photos courtesy of Raven S. Farmer, Castonoble Hooks, and Sincere Wright.


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