Lane Street Project: our story.

Technological miscues last night prevented me from reaching the question-and-answer portion of my LSP presentation, but I did manage to record my exposition on the history of the Lane Street Project cemeteries and the Project itself. Please send me any questions you have about our work, and I’ll answer promptly.

The Season 3 kick-off clean-up is Saturday, January 14, and we hope to see you there!


  1. I clicked on the link sent to me for the presentation last evening and no one was there. I called the phone # and the voice said meeting had not started. I stayed on zoom link for about 15 minutes. It appears from message that the call took place. Is the video recording available for viewing?

    1. I’m sorry for last night’s debacle. I couldn’t access the meeting as host. I set up a last-minute alternative meeting and managed to record this bit, but there wasn’t time for Q&A.

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