Train-auto collision kills two.

In December 1930, several North Carolina newspapers carried an Associated Press article that opened with this: “Death rode the highways in the Carolinas over the week-end, leaving in its wake eight dead persons and many injured.”

The dead included Samuel High and James B. Lucas:

Burlington Daily Times, 8 December 1930.

  • Samuel High

In the 1900 census of Taylor township, Wilson County: John High, 26; wife Treasy, 23; and children Willie, 8, and Sam, 6.

On 13 December 1915, Samuel High, 19, of Oldfields township, son of John and Treacey High, married Roberta Lucas, 19, of Taylor township, daughter of Elbert and Rose Lucas, in Oldfields township, Wilson County.

On 25 May 1925, Samuel High, 32, of Pikeville, Wayne County, N.C., son of John and Treacy High, married Rosa Arrington, 33, of Pikeville, daughter of William and Tempie Arrington, at the courthouse in Goldsboro, Wayne County.

  • J.B. Locus [James B. Lucas]

In 1917, James Lucas registered for the World War I draft in Wilson County. Per his registration card, he was born 14 August 1890 in Wilson County; lived in Wilson County; farmed for Frank Williamson; had a wife and two children; and was literate.

In the 1920 census of Oldfields township, Wilson County: farmer J.B. Lucas, 26; wife Effie, 25; and children Savanah, 6, Sallie, 4, and Pearlie, 2.

In the 1930 census of Oldfields township, Wilson County: farmer James B. Lucas, 39; wife Effie, 36; and children Suvannia, 16, Sallie, 14, Peral, 12, Mae H., 10, James W., 8, Mae, 5, Zelmar, 3, and Lillion, 6 months.

Like Samuel High, Lucas “came to his death by N.S. Engine hitting car he was in at crossing in Simms, N.C.”

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