The last will and testament of John Bardin.

John Bardin likely lived in a section of northeast Wayne County, North Carolina, that is now the Black Creek area of southeast Wilson County. (He was a member of Lower Black Creek Primitive Baptist Church.) His will, drafted in September 1819, entered probate in 1823 and included these provisions:

  • to wife Nancy Bardin, a life interest in “three Negroes Abram Philis Levi
  • to daughter Eliza Barnes, a girl named Sarah
  • to daughter Nancy Amason, a girl named Penny
  • to daughter Seania Bardin, a woman named Ann
  • to son John Bardin after Nancy Bardin’s death or remarriage, Abram
  • to son Sherrard Bardin, a man named Loften
  • to son David Bardin after Nancy Bardin’s death of remarriage, Levi
  • “I leave Old Philis to the Pleasure & Discretion of my wife when she has done with her”
  • “I wish my Blind Negro Toney to live with some of the Family”
  • “I Desire that my Negro Man Carolina be sold after my Death” (and the proceeds used to pay Bardin’s debts)

John Bardin Will, North Carolina, U.S. Wills and Probate Records 1665-1998,


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