Dr. Barnes speaks at Sallie Barbour School P.T.A. meeting.

Wilson Daily Times, 26 November 1949.


  • Dr. B.O. Barnes
  • Kettie Wynn — Katie L. Wynn. In the 1950 census of Elm City, Toisnot township, Wilson County: on Main Street, widow Katie Wynn, 55, grocery store sales clerk, and children Marie, 25, Herbert, 23, cab driver, Katie, 22, city school teacher, and Joyce, 14.
  • Inez Taylor — in the 1950 census of Wilson, Wilson County: Fred Dickerson, 59, retail grocery store proprietor; wife Almeter, 51; daughter Dora E., 25, undertaker receptionist; son-in-law William T. Taylor, 27, “U.S. enumeration school”; and daughter Inez, 23, elementary teacher. 


  1. Correction: Katie L. Wynn – Co-Owner of a Convenience store/ Club in Elm City, widow of Jessie Wynn – Co-Owner of convenience store / Club; Joyce Arlene.

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