Lane Street Project: this morning at Odd Fellows.

Season 3 is loading. Please look out for schedule announcements; we need you.

I noticed the Vick Cemetery signs were missing. I found them in a trash pile. I hummed a little Keni Burke and set them up upright.

A city contractor kept the front section of Odd Fellows cleared for 25 years. They stopped when Lane Street Project began highlighting the condition of Vick and its adjacent cemeteries, but the city claims it knows nothing about that. 


… Keep on believing
All the dreams inside of you
And don’t stop achieving, yeah
Let some love shine on through
And don’t fight the feeling
Just keep on dealing
Everybody, keep on moving
‘Cause I know we can get it over, so, baby

(Give it all you got)
Let’s keep rising to the top
(Give it all you got)
And we won’t let nobody stop us
(Give it all you got) …

Photos by Lisa Y. Henderson, November 2022; “Risin’ to the Top,” Keni Burke (N.L. Wright, K. Burke, A. Felder), 1982.

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