Bagging bucks near Cherry Point.

Wilson Daily Times, 9 November 1950.

Ben Hodges and Wiley Rountree were among a group of Wilson County men who traveled down to Craven County, North Carolina, to hunt deer in November 1950.

  • Ben Hodges — in the 1950 census of Wilson, Wilson County: ice company engineer Ben Hodges, 47; wife Rogenia, 47; and daughters Alva Wilson, 22, and Thelma Bryant, 20.
  • Wiley Rountree — in the 1940 census of Wilson, Wilson County: plasterer Wiley Rountree, 47; wife Mary, 46; and children Lula, 25, cook, Junius, 21, plasterer, Joseph, 17, Daisey, 23, private nurse, Doris, 13, Mary, 12, and Thelma, 8.


  1. This is absolutely ” Vintage . ” Mr. Wiley and Mr. Ben were neighborhood Friends of MY Father and Mother. Our families shared in on everything. I grew up with Mr. Wileys’ grandchildren, Harry, ” Nasty ( Ronald ), Helen Joyce, Patricia, they lived at 114 Manchester St. Mr. Bens’ grandson Ronald was one of two of MY Boyhood Friends as WE were seperated by one house (210 Manchester ) and MY other Boyhood Friend Plummer Alston. WE did and spent everyday when not in school at one anothers houses a bond and closeness in which WE did not have to knock on one anothers doors, WE simply walked in. I was at 208 Manchester right next to at 206 Mr. Lem Crawford who was even a more pronounced gamesman and hunter.Their is in these archives a similar newspaper story of a ‘ giant ” fish HE caught down at Mattamuskeet which is I am certain is the locus of this story. I am quite literally relishing in “tears “of a better and bygone era. Let ME interject, do not overlook the shared common racial bond existin even during this era of racial seperation.Men ought to be able to live in at least harmony once exposed to a common bond !

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