The obituary of Robert McClain, migrant to Philadelphia.

Wilson Daily Times, 11 June 1947.

Per the 1947 Hill’s Wilson, N.C., city directory, Bessie McClain owned and occupied the home at 107 North East Street. I have not been able to find Robert McClain in Wilson records.


  1. This obituary brings back a memory of when we did burial details at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. We had occasion to attend a funeral at a house where the casket was in the middle of the living room. The service, wake, and prayers were carried out there. We carried the casket from their home, to the hearse, then performed the flag and firing squad duties at the cemetery. He was a Vietnam and Korean war era Command Sergeant Major (RET). The best part of doing this service besides taking care of the deceased and family was joining them for repast, and the time spent talking with them learning about that person and who they were. Not once, did the family NOT invite us back to the church, or hall to break bread with them. I respected and enjoyed that. Thank you again Cuz…:-)

    1. Wow. Home funerals are very rare these days. That sounds like a special experience indeed. The care taken by the young airmen at my father’s gravesite was touching. They were determined to get the flag folding absolutely correct, no matter how long it took.

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