Lane Street Project: the end of Season 2.

Vick Cemetery, May 2022.

Thousands of graves lie here. … As do a parking lot and several utility poles. The City — or whomever they contract the work to — finally got around to cutting the grass at Vick Cemetery this past week, but the neglect otherwise continues. Wilson’s voters saw fit to return four incumbents to office. What will you demand of them in return? 

Lane Street Project’s Season 2 ends this Saturday. Please come help us mow the front section of Odd Fellows and clear cut limbs and debris a final time. We need you now as much as ever. As always, thanks for all you have done to restore dignity to our ancestors.


  1. …and so it is told that one will be asked……What did you do about the wrong(s) that you witnessed? – Did you remove it with your hands? Did you speak out against it? or Did you acknowledge it in your heart? (which, this last choice, is noted as the “weakest of faith” )

    We pray that Almighty God is pleased with the effort(s) that were put forth in good faith . Despite all , The GREAT NEWS is that He promises to have the last “say so” in all affairs.

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