Lane Street Project: April 23 cleanup.

A small, but efficient, crew showed up for today’s cleanup at Odd Fellows, and we continued to make deep inroads into the tangle of privet and wisteria that enshroud the cemetery’s midsection.

To accommodate May holidays, Season 2’s final cleanup days are May 14 and 21. Please join us!

Beta Beta Beta Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was again there strong! Samuel H. Vick was a founding member of the chapter. I challenge other fraternities and fraternal organizations to match the Ques’ commitment to community service!

It was a beautiful day for making a difference.

The Senior Force cleared out the pile I discovered in January 2020 and featured in a recent post

Briggs Sherwood and Castonoble Hooks work to pull wisteria from a gum tree it is smothering.

The terrible beauty of wisteria.

Photographs by Lisa Y. Henderson, April 2022.

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