Studio shots, no. 193: Kenney Locus (also known as Lucas).

Kenney Locus, also known as Lucas.

In the 1930 census of Taylor township, Wilson County: farmer Ed Locus, 47; wife Cora, 35; and children Linward, 20, Maggie, 19, Ula, 18, Winnie, 17, Alma, 16, Redelpha, 13, John E., 11, Clinton, 10, Kenny, 9, Josephine, 7, Easter, 5, Louise, 4, Frank, 3, and Nancy, an infant.

In the 1940 census of Taylor township, Wilson County: farm laborer Ed Locus, 55; wife Clara, 45; and children Ella, 26, Redelphine, 23, Jhonnie Ed, 21, Qunnion, 19, Kerney, 18, Jasperine, 17, Lottie and Louise, 15, Frank, 12, and Nancy, 10.

In 1942, Kennie Lucas registered for the World War II draft in Wilson. Per his registration card, he was born 10 November 1924 in Wilson County; lived at P.O. Box 293, Wilson; his contact was mother Cora Lucas; and helped his father Ed Lucas farm. He had a scar on his right leg below the knee. 

Kenney Lucas died 14 September 1965 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Per his death certificate, he was born 10 July 1927 [sic] in Wilson to Eddie Lucas and Cora Lucas; was never married; worked as a farmer; and was a veteran of World War II. Nancy Farmer was informant.

Photo courtesy of Europe A. Farmer.

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