Remembering Ambrose Floyd.

After I found this charming portrait of long-time taxi driver Ambrose Floyd, I went searching for more about his life:

Wilson Daily Times, 3 November 1980.

Ambrose Floyd first appears in local newspapers in connection with a reckless driving charge that was dismissed when prosecutors realized that: (1) the charge under which Floyd was indicted was not law until after July 1; (2) Floyd was not driving his car at the time of the accident; and (3) the witness could not remember whether the driver of Floyd’s car made a “stop signal.”

Wilson Daily Times, 29 June 1927.

Floyd placed this ad in the Daily Times early in his taxi-driving career, when he also offered moving services.

Wilson Daily Times, 19 May 1931.

A 1940 article reporting the results of national and local elections included a brief mention of an “unusual” event: Ambrose Floyd received a dozen votes as a write-in candidate for township constable.

Wilson Daily Times, 7 November 1940.

As World War II dragged on, representatives of Safety Cab Company — Ambrose Floyd, Hugh T. Foster, and Lemore Hannah — informed the public that the business agreed with the Office of Defense Transportation to adopt measures “to conserve tires, gas, and equipment.”

Wilson Daily Times, 15 September 1943.

Local color columnist John G. Thomas wrote this story about Floyd and a mysterious fireball in 1941.

Wilson Daily Times, 21 April 1945.

This 1947ad dates Floyd’s transportation services work to 1926.

Wilson Daily Times, 29 August 1947.

In 1952, after bus companies complained of unfair competition, the North Carolina Utilities Commission commenced proceedings against Ambrose Floyd and three other taxi drivers. After an investigation, the commission dismissed the charges.

Wilson Daily Times, 28 October 1952.

In 1955, Floyd was proclaimed safe driver of the day for an unblemished 29-year safety record.

Wilson Daily Times, 25 November 1955.

Ambrose Floyd passed away in October 1981, just under a year after his in-depth feature in the Daily Times.

Wilson Daily Times, 26 October 1981.


  1. Working at my father’s grocery store, Lee’s Food Stores, I got to know Ambrose really well. Such a wonderful person. Many people would request him, very trustworthy.

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