The sale of Hannah, aged about eight years.

A.B. Baines Jr. waited nearly five years to register his sale of eight year-old Hannah to Richmond Boykin in 1853.

Rec’d of Richmond Boykin five hundred & fifty Dollars in full payment for one negro girl Hannah aged about eight years the right & title to which slave I do warrant & defend unto the said Richmond Boykin his heirs & assigns this 31 day of March 1853. A.B. Baines Jr.

The execution of the within Bill of sale is processed before me by the Acknowledgment of A.B. Baines let it be registered Jan. 29th 1858  T.C. Davis Clk.

In the 1860 slave schedule of Wilson County, Richmond Boykin is listed with two enslaved people, a 21 year-old man and a 14 year-old girl. This girl was likely Hannah.

Deed Book 1, page 330, Wilson County Register of Deeds Office.

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