Lane Street Project: thank you.

Lane Street Project lived in my head and in this blog until I asked for help and received it in abundance. I am effusive in my praise of and gratitude towards all who have lent hearts and hands to this project, but I have not always been at ease in spotlights or with accepting compliments comfortably. Thus, my agonizing about sharing the Facebook post below. Lane Street Project has bestowed many gifts, however, not the least of which is clarity of purpose. As we enter Season II of the Odd Fellows clean-up, I am grateful for recognition and encouragement from all who have committed time, labor, money, and other support to our mission.

So — my most sincere thanks to Castonoble Hooks and the Senior Force, the backbone of Season II! And thanks to Chris Facey for this shot of me standing in a thicket of wisteria, clutching my great-grandmother’s headstone on the first anniversary of its discovery!

P.S. I found Rachel Barnes Taylor‘s headstone face down in a stack of about twenty grave markers. One of this season’s goals is to cut away the wisteria and privet around this pile so that we can begin to probe under the soil’s surface for additional stones. There are so many ways to help us achieve our goals — come out and cut vines, bring coffee, send money [CashApp $blackwideawake], share our flyers! Thank you!


  1. Glad to Get the cash app handle for the project!!

    Be careful however and put in the entire name of $blackwideawake instead of $blackwide which may pop up.


    1. I am trying to find out info about a Primus Dem (who took the last name of Tyler) in 1796, on the Edwards Plantation in Greene Co. NC. Do you have any suggestions where I might start? I’m in IL – Jonece Tyler. Thanks for any info you can provide.

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