The sale of Sarah, age six.

Deed book 1, page 129, Wilson County Register of Deeds Office.

On 28 January 1856, William T. Bradberry and wife Nancy M. Bradberry of Putnam County, Indiana, appointed William K. Lane of Wayne County, North Carolina, their agent to sell “a certain negro slave now in the possession of Amos Horne of the County of Wilson.” For $450, Lane sold Mrs. Edith Horne that “certain negro slave,” a little girl named Sarah, aged six.

William Bradberry was a Wayne County, North Carolina, native, who migrated to Indiana in the early 1850s. His wife Nancy Horn Bradberry was likely a relative of Edith Horn’s husband’s family. Edith Horn was the widow of Hardy Horn; Amos Horn was their son. (Hardy Horn died circa 1841. His death wrenched apart the 15 people he had held in slavery. More about his estate later.) The Horns lived in the Black Creek area on land that was in Wayne County until Wilson County was established in 1855. The 1860 Wilson County slave schedule shows Edith Horn of Black Creek township with 13 enslaved people living in three houses — women and girls aged 50, 33, 30, 14, 8, and 2, and men and boys aged 55, 24, 21, 13, 13, 7, and 4.


  1. Shameful. If this information/ facts makes someone “uncomfortable”, my grandma was right..THE TRUTH HURTS. Welcome to The Matter: The Facts.

    1. I finally began a page-by-page examination of early Wilson County deed books for evidence of sales of enslaved people. Each and every one will see the light, and we’ll call these ancestors’ names.

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