The removal of graves from Jones-Hill-Coleman cemetery.

Though the Grave Removals volume in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office did not include a Removal of Graves Certificate for Julia Boyette Bailey and those buried near her, it did contain this file for the 1995 disinterment and reinterment of graves from the Jones-Hill-Coleman cemetery.

The graves in this large graveyard — on Old Raleigh Road in Oldfields township –were moved to two cemeteries, the nearby Eva Coleman cemetery and Rest Haven cemetery in Wilson. 

The Jones-Hill-Coleman cemetery had six rows of twelve to sixteen graves, but the identities of the bodies buried in most were unknown. 

Fifty bodies were reinterred in a cemetery on Eva Coleman’s property on Old Raleigh Road just west of Interstate 95.

Ten were re-laid to rest in Rest Haven.



  1. Hi Lisa. Do you know whether all of those laid to rest at Jones Hill (Primitive?) were moved? I don’t see my grandma’s dad, Elijah Powell listed as being moved. You took of pic of his headstone in one of your posts on Jones Hill Primitive Baptist Church cemetery. I’m so grateful you and your work, by the way. Thank you for your passion to continue researching black Wilson history.

    1. Hi, Kelli. Thank you! I’m honestly mystified by this document and plan a follow-up post to set forth what confuses me. There is very definitely a Jones Hill cemetery still in existence with many graves, including Elijah Powell’s. So it’s not clear to me what was moved and where. I’ll try to post soon.

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