Lane Street Project: a moment of appreciation.

The news from Lane Street Project this weekend isn’t all bad. Castonoble Hooks and Briggs Sherwood, our self-styled “senior force,” went out yesterday to get some work in ahead of the wintry mix and to try out the new gas-powered weed whacker we purchased in part with a generous donation.

The ever-eloquent Cas summed up the Senior Force beautifully: “There are things in life that enhance its essence. One such thing for me has been The Lane Street Project. Lisa Henderson’s public appeal for the Odd Fellows brought together multicultural citizens of various ages and religious beliefs around the idea of restoration of this black cemetery. This is when I met Briggs Sherwood. Our ages and our desire to work we share, but that’s all. In contrast to Briggs, who is a descendant of white planters, I am a descendant of slaves and sharecroppers. Briggs has family buried in Maplewood Cemetery, I have family buried in Vick Cemetery, we both work together to restore Odd Fellows. Last week we attended together the Cemetery Commission meeting to chart progress on the issue of Vick Cemetery. Working on this project has added hope in a better day by simple people working together for the common good.”

Thank you, Castonoble. Thank you, Briggs. Your steadfast enthusiasm and unfailing accountability never fail to recharge my faith.

Photo courtesy of Briggs Sherwood.


  1. At the very essence of life, that’s what it’s all about. I only regret that conflicts have prevented me from getting there to help, but I cheer this effort on both for myself and my “home” community and for my dad, who would be so excited to see this effort moving forward and taking on a life of its own to unite just such people of varied backgrounds to rally in support of such a worthy cause!

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