Strickland Chapel buys a lot.

Deed book 81, page 259, Wilson County Register of Deeds Office.

On 18 May 1908, for $125.00, Dianah Rountree sold E.S. Koonce, Washington Cox, and Wash Little, the trustees of the “ole original Freewill Baptist church of Wilson” (also known as Strickland Chapel) a parcel of land on the southwest side of Manchester Street at Suggs Street extension adjacent to Rountree and Daniel Vick‘s property. 

Strickland Chapel? A church at the corner of Manchester and Suggs? I have never heard of the church, and the location is now occupied by a concrete-block duplex built in the 1950s. 

The intersection is beyond the bounds of the 1908 and 1913 Sanborn fire insurance map, but on the 1922 map the building appears and is marked as an A.M.E. Zion church. 

I found a reference in 1929 to a Presbyterian church known as Strickland Chapel, but it was a white congregation and does not appear to be related to the church above. 


  • E.S. Koonce — in the 1908 Hill’s Wilson, N.C., city directory: Koontz Ellis farmer b 506 Grace
  • Washington Cox —  in the 1908 Hill’s Wilson, N.C., city directory: Cox Washington lab h 545 Stantonsburg
  • Wash Little — in the 1908 Hill’s Wilson, N.C., city directory: Little Washington lab h 600 Stemmery

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