Guilty of bigamy.


Wilson Daily Times, 28 November 1911.

  • Julius Locus

On 25 February 1904, Julius Lucas, 20, son of Lovett and Viney Lucas (then living in Virginia), married Lou Arrington, 24, daughter of Sidney Arrington, in Wilson. R.J. McPhail applied for the license, and Baptist minister Fred M. Davis performed the ceremony in the presence of John Moore, Amos Daniel, and Julia Davis.

In 1917, William Julius Lucas registered for the World War I draft in Wilson County. Per his registration card, he was born in April 1888 in Nash County, N.C.; lived at East Street, Wilson; worked cleaning and pressing clothes for Y.C. Lamm, Wilson; and supported a wife, five children, and a father.

I have not been able to identify Julius Locus’ second wife or the Howard daughter he ran off with.

  • Jesse Howard

On 17 August 1889, Jesse Howard, 22, son of Deal and Rhoda Howard, married Martha Ruffin, 21, daughter of Green and Tamer Ruffin, all of Taylors township.

On 5 June 1901, Jesse Howard, 33, son of Delius and Rhoda Howard, married Zillah Woodard, 32, daughter of Alfred and Sarah Woodard.

  • Mr. Powell — probably, in the 1912 Winston-Salem, N.C., city directory: Powell Geo C (Mattie C), propr Powell’s Steam Cleaning & Dye Works, h 925 Church, Salem
  • Lou Arrington

On 8 June 1896, Lou Arrington, 18, daughter of Saul and Viney Arrington, married W.M. Atwater, 23, son of Aterson Atwater and Angeline Burston, at “Rezdent hear mother” in Wilson. Baptist minister Esrom P. Pearsall performed the ceremony in the presence of Mrs. Timfrey Ann Rountree and Mrs. Blanchie Rountree. [Atwater, presumably, is the man to whom Lou Arrington was married when she married Julius Locus.]

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