Snaps, no. 91: At home with friends, Los Angeles, 1950s.

Two of Walter S. and Sarah Dortch Hines‘ children migrated to Los Angeles, California, where they joined the city’s emerging mid-century Black high society. Elizabeth “Scottie” Hines Eason and her Texas-born husband Newell Eason were educators. Eason grew up in Los Angeles and attended UCLA and, after several years teaching at Shaw University in Raleigh, took his family back to California just after World War II. Scottie Eason’s brother Walter D. Hines and his wife Cadence Baker Hines, who met in Michigan, arrived in the late 1940s. Their friend, lawyer Walter Gordon, left a trove of photographs that captured the era, including this one:

On couch, left to right: Kenneth Levy, Honore Levy, Newell Eason, Scottie Hines Eason, Dr. Arthur Mitchell, Gloria Mitchell. Seated: Clara Gordon, unidentified girl, Cadence Hines, and Dr. Walter D. Hines.

The Shaw University Bulletin, July-August Edition, 1937.

At home with friends, Los Angeles, 1950s,” Walter L. Gordon Jr./William C. Beverly Jr. Collection, UCLA Special Library Collections.


  1. Wow, I can’t believe that I found this.

    Dr. Walter Hines delivered me and my two sisters in the early 1960’s. (1960, 1963, and 1967.)
    Dr. Hines became a friend of our family and I (vaguely) remember visiting him and his wife in their home in Los Angeles. My family lived in an apartment off of San Pedro Street, and we would visit his office on either Avalon or Hoover St. (I don’t remember the exact street.) As a youngster, I remember that Dr. Hines was a very caring and gracious man. He took care of us and even spoke Spanish to my parents who could barely speak English. I will always remember his kindness. Thank you Dr. Hines.

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