Fined for failing to file certificates.

The specifics of the lapses that led the State Board of Health to fine undertaker Amos Batts and physician William A. Mitchner.

Wilson Daily Times, 27 May 1920.

Here is the death certificate that Batts failed to file after Mary Brown‘s homicide. The 16 year-old died on 24 March 1920 after being stabbed above the left nipple, but her death certificate was only filed May 27.

Stillbirths required both birth and death certificates, and Dr. Mitchner apparently failed to file the former. The Rice baby’s death was recorded timely. “Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Rice” was declared dead 17 March 1920. The boy was stillborn on March 17 to George Rice and Cleo Barbett. (Even more sadly, the Wilson County birth index reveals that Cleo Rice bore still born children in 1919, 1920, and 1921 — a girl and two boys.)

Clipping courtesy of J. Robert Boykin III.


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