Renovation in East Wilson.

I mentioned here the recent renovation of houses on East Green Street, a phenomenon that actually extends throughout East Wilson. Some are on the market for sale; others are upgraded rental properties. A notable few:

  • 602 East Green Street

The Isaac and Estelle Shade house has received a sparkling reboot, inside and out. 

One of the oldest surviving on this stretch of East Nash Street, this house suffered fire and the ravages of decades of neglect. I’m sorry to see some of its original features — two chimneys, columnar porch posts, and oversized windows — go, but happy that this nearly 110 year-old house has been saved. It’s most closely identified with the family of Willie G. and Ada Harris Reid.

  • 1006 Washington Street

The owners of this house have pulled out the dark screens hiding the porch and have begun an exterior paint job.

  • 505 South Pender Street 

This little endway house is finally ready for occupancy. Long unoccupied except by squatters, this house was stripped to the studs for renovation. I’m interested to see what the current market is for one-bedroom shotguns without parking, especially at the listed rental price. Kudos for the improvement though. 

A view through the front door goes straight through to the back, illustrating the origin of the sobriquet “shotgun house.”

Photos by Lisa Y. Henderson, September 2021.


  1. It warms my heart to see these remodels. I hope the market will be brisk for them. Shotgun-style homes seem perfect for healthy but aging singled who need less room and a simple layout. If I were single, I’d love to live in such a structure!

  2. I remember skipping down East Green Street to visit Aunt Sarah at the Shade house. There was a fish pond in the backyard. My mom, Monte Vick Cowan would take me to visit when we came to Wilson in the summer. Aunt Sarah let me make toast. I used a whole loaf of bread to my mother’s dismay. Aunt Sarah just smiled and told my mom to let me make as much toast as I wanted! So many of my childhood memories were made in Wilson. It was a wonderful block were everyone was friendly and looked out for one another. I am so happy people are renovating the houses on Green Street. Long overdue! Thanks Lisa for the update!
    Vicki Cowan

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