Old Cabin Lunch.

Wilson Daily Times, 29 August 1925. 

In 1925, 1401 East Nash Street was just beyond eastern city limits. I have not been able to find anything else about Old Cabin Lunch.  I’m not at all sure it was a Black-owned business, though it was located in an African-American residential area. Three years later, the address was the location of William Wells‘ auto repair garage.

Hill’s Wilson, N.C., City Directory (1928). 


  1. Willie and his wife, Mazie, lived at 1209 Nash Street E. until 1979. Looks like the garage might have been on Nash between Tuskeegee and current day Powell. Plat map has it as corner of Nash and Doris.

      1. The garage was owned by Willie Wells, my grandfather. I don’t remember the garage but I remember the building.

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