Lane Street Project: Clean-Up Kick-Off, Day 2.

I love this photo of members of the Lane Street Project team and an ally from Richmond’s Friends of East End.

I still haven’t quite processed this weekend’s events, but I need to say THANK YOU while I’m trying.

Thank you to my #lanestreetproject team. For everything.

Thank you to Wilsonians of all stripes who found common cause in the reclamation of these sacred spaces.

Thank you to folks who heard the call and drove in from as far away as Virginia to support us.

And thank you to those who were willing in spirit, but not able in body, and sent prayers and signal boosts (and money).

Thank you. 

And now I’ll let the photos speak.

Team LSP pulls a sapling from the southwestern edge of Odd Fellows. Beyond the chainlink fence lies Vick cemetery.

The vines, y’all. The vines. But you can now almost see through to the back of the cemetery, and this is surely the clearest it’s been in 30+ years.

Looking from a pile of newly cut brush, the city-cleared section of Odd Fellows cemetery at left and the wooded section at right. Thanks to Lane Street Project volunteers, the wall of underbrush at the edge of the woods has been hacked away, and this part of the cemetery can be freely accessed.

I found the Best family marker last winter, but did not notice the low wall to which it was attached, enclosing the family’s large plot.

Dr. Judy and Rev. Kim, who also came in December, showed up with snacks, drinks, and prayer.

Janelle Clevinger’s second day on the job.

“… on the bosom of thy God.”

The next clean-ups — the Black History Month clean-ups — are February 6 and 20.

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Photos courtesy of Melissa Pocock and Brittany Daniel.

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