Georgia Burke cheered on Broadway.

Jet magazine, 10 April 1952.

Though a native of Georgia, Georgia Burke spent at least ten years in Wilson, teaching third and fourth grade (and coaching basketball and tennis) to the children of the Colored Graded School and the Wilson Normal and Industrial Institute. She was one of the eleven teachers who walked off the job in support of Mary C. Euell in 1918 and, in 1921, was involved in another incident in which “a race riot was narrowly averted.” Burke auditioned for a Broadway on a lark in 1928, got the role, and never returned to teaching.


  1. I remember my mother, niece of Elizabeth Courtney and Howard Fitts, Sr. of Wilson, speak of visiting Ms. Georgia In New York on Broadway. Only recently did I understand her connection to North Carolina and our family.

  2. She was one of the first persons I read about, when I subscribed to this site. Ms. Burks, was an extremely talented person.

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