Lane Street Project: the work begins.

Before last week, the last sighting of Samuel Vick’s grave marker. Wilson Daily Times, 18 February 1989.

In less than a week, Lane Street Project has gone from an formless idea existing totally in my head (and this blog) to a committee of volunteers galvanized by our discovery of Sam Vick‘s gravestone. We held our first Zoom meeting last evening and, like that, The Project is up and running! Each of us came away with responsibilities and tasks to complete as we prepare to roll out a campaign to enlist public support and participation in preserving and restoring these historic burial grounds. Cultivating allies in city government is of paramount importance, but, with the current state of Vick Cemetery bearing witness to the City’s idea of cemetery preservation, we are not seeking to have the City take a lead in this effort. We are formulating requests for support and plans of action that will be presented in due time. In the meantime, please join our Facebook group LANE STREET PROJECT to see the work unfold!


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